FINTECH and REGTECH Product Management

FINTECH & REGTECH alone won’t drive customers to use your products or services. The technology may be cool, the problem that it solves may be huge. But what your customers don't know will hurt your success.

You will see more prospective customers seeking out your product if:

  • They are engaged
  • They feel your product and company are relevant
  • They feel you listen
  • They feel that they are part of the buzz
  • They believe you know the best direction

Your product goes through a life cycle. Product Management by Draughon helps you move from the realm of great technology to the realm of relevancy where prospects and clients know that they benefit.

The subject matter expertise that you need to grow your business has been found.

Product Management

  • Agile Product Owner Consulting
  • Feature Research
  • Wire Frame Prototypes
  • Feature Planning and Tracking
  • Client & Prospect Surveys

Marketing Services

  • Web & Blog Content
  • Social Media
  • Product Videos
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • News Content

Technology Services

  • Website Setup and Management
  • API Documentation
  • White Papers
  • Demonstrations
  • User Guides

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