Why Jelly Beans (in my trading examples)

When giving a trading example, I almost always give the example in terms of trading Jelly Bean futures on the Jelly Bean Exchange. In my test data, and simulated trading I trade Jelly Beans.

It’s not that I am fascinated with Jelly Beans. My sweet tooth dJellyBeansoes like them, but not so much as to really drive all my examples.

One could give examples in terms of trading a real futures contract. Say for example I could use any of the following well known contracts:

  1. Coffee C ®  on The Intercontinental Exchange ®  (ICE ® )
  2. E-mini S&P 500 on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange ®
  3. EURO STOXX 50® on the Eurex ®

The problem that I run into when giving public examples is that one has to be careful of registered trademarks and service marks. Furthermore, when giving trading examples that includes prices, or market data, one has to be careful of redistributing data that these exchanges may consider to be proprietary.

Now you’re thinking that is a bit over the top.

It isn’t. I am aware of incidents over the years where exchanges have expressed concern over mentioning their trade/service marks in blogs, magazine postings. I am also aware of incidents where published prices have been called into question. Many exchanges sell market data as a service. They may consider the publishing of market data to be something that one needs a license.

As a result, I have found it my habit to express my trading examples in terms of Jelly Beans (or cotton candy, or candy canes.)  It is just easier than having to put the ® or (™) or (SM)  after everything that may belong to someone else. One also doesn’t need to put the following at the end of every posting either.

Important legal notes:

Coffee C ®, The Intercontinental Exchange ®,  ICE ® are registered trademarks of the Intercontinental Exchange. www.theICE.com

Chicago Mercantile Exchange ®, and possibly E-Mini S&P 500, are registered trademarks of the CME Group ® www.cmegroup.com

EURO STOXX 50 ® and EUREX ® are registered trademarks of EUREX www.eurexchange.com



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