Old School sometimes is the best approach

jnl-marketswiki-thank-youI want to give a shout out to the team at MarketsWiki,  MarketsWiki Education, and John Lothian News.  Take a look at the “Old School” hand written thank you note that I received in the snail mail yesterday.

One, it made me feel very special.

Two, it is now sitting on my desk for all to see.

Three, they went further and made a donation in my honor to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. This is an organization that I really appreciate and help support with my activities with the Futures Industry Association.

For years I have tried to send out simple, hand written thank you notes. I know that they are appreciated by many who receive them because they have a tendency to stay on the receiver’s desk. Often we settle for a thank you email, or simple text message.  

There is no school like the old school.

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