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My Community, Winfield Illinois, where I volunteer as an Assistant Scout Master, am active in my church, and help out annually with our community food drive.

Many of my friends are posting their political opinions.
Please, for my sake if for no other reason, remember to extend grace.

I may agree with you. Maybe not.
I don’t really care. Rather I care about you.

I am one of those elusive middle of the road voters. I scroll past hate, looking forward to the day our election is over and we can get back to what makes you special.

It helps if there is a reason to vote for your way, rather than shameful assassination of someone else’s viewpoint.

Help me. Please show grace.

Let me tell you what will change my opinion, or change our country to your political views.
… your actions.

Words hurt. Online posts rarely ever go away.

Why don’t you take action. I will listen to them. Change your world by doing something like:

  • Coach a little league team
  • Start a small group to discuss action steps
  • Volunteer at a shelter, or a food bank
  • Get involved in your school district
  • Teach a Sunday school class
  • Become a community volunteer
  • Listen to someone who believes differently and ask questions too.
  • Get to know someone who lives a different lifestyle than you
  • Help a teacher, or become one
  • Invest in a new small business
  • Champion someone else
  • Build a habit house
  • Clean up after someone else
  • Help clean your environment
  • Take a long walk in the woods and think about what our world means to you.

Or some other action.

I look forward to seeing your posts about things like this.

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