This isn’t our way. This isn’t right.


Today I read that at least 3 political offices were recently vandalized.

  • Bricks were tossed in the window of one.
  • Another was firebombed and spray painted with the word “Nazi.”
  • Another was robbed.
  • Yet another had a load of manure dump in front of the entrance.

I have seen Facebook postings of stolen political signs. It’s unexplainable to me why people are boasting about this and others are “liking” it!

Dissent is OK.
Having a strong opinion is OK.

I want to hear your challenges to my thoughts, to my hopes, to my dreams. My hope is that you will listen to my thoughts, hopes, and dreams too.

But when we as a society drop to intimidation tactics, like vandalism, and theft of property what good are we doing? Where does this path lead? Whenever a majority, or those in power, FORCES its will on another group with violence, and intimidation, and thievery we should all look down that road and see where it leads.

Could it lead to lynching’s? What about incarcerations of people groups? Could it lead to government agencies treating one group with a different set of rules (taxes, freedoms, rights, restrictions) than another? Will it lead to imprisonment because of religious belief?

OK America – time to stop this craziness. This isn’t our way. This isn’t right.

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