Algorithmic Trading and Ethics

Alessio Farhadi posted “A.I. Trading – A Question of Ethics” on LinkedIn.  His main point is that machine learning and algos do not have ethics.  His thoughts may be overly influenced by the referenced Flash Boys book that painted the trading industry with a somewhat cynical brush. Just as AI technology…

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KillSwitchPlus: At-Risk Management Demo for Loss Limit Controls

Tayloe Draughon demonstrates the Profit and Loss triggers on KillSwitchPlus, the At-Trade Risk Management system created by Edge Financial Technologies where he is consulting as a product manager. The purpose of this engagement is to improve their product, website, online marketing, industry buzz, and assist the sales team.

Japan Tightens Regulations on High Frequency Trading: 3 FINTECH Needs

Japan’s FSA (Financial Services Agency) is looking to implement tighter regulations on High Frequency Trading (HFT) as soon as 2018. Reuters states that “The growing presence of HFT on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) has raised concerns high-speed trading could destabilise markets and leave retail investors at a disadvantage.“* This…

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