Project Northern Lights

A FINTECH software initiative created by Tayloe Draughon.

Software Solutions


FIX Drop Copy Collector

This application listens to the Financial Information eXchange protocol and records the transactions into a SQL database that is easily read and understood by business end users.

Extrinsic Trade PNL: Buy Side Trading Firms

The True Profit and Loss system calculates the all in cost of the trade by applying the extrinsic debits and credits that truly should be applied to each trade. This includes charges like:

  • Trading System per trade cost paid to the vendor
  • Market Data Charges
  • Clearing Commissions
  • NFA Fees
  • Execution Commissions

Extrinsic Trade PNL: Sell Side

The True Profit and Loss system allows broker dealers and futures commission merchants to pass through extrinsic debits and credits to their clients in ways that are not supported by the back office clearing system. This includes charges like the following:

  • Trading System per trade or monthly charges
  • Market Data Charges (for each exchange allocated at a per trade or monthly charge)
  • Rebates for less risky trading
  • Financial incentives to trade on new exchanges or platforms

Northern Lights FIX Market Simulator

Simulator with full book (limits & stops)

A market simulator that supports FIX 4.2-5.0 order matching. This includes support for Market, Limit, Stop, and Stop Limit order types. Orders are matched using a FIFO algorithm.

Supported Transactions

  • To Simulator:
    • New Order Single
    • Order Cancel Replace
    • Order Cancel
    • Market Data Request
  • From Simulator:
    • Market Data Snapshot Full Refresh
    • Market Data Incremental Refresh
    • Market Data Request Reject
    • Execution Report
    • Cancel Reject

The simulated market supports multiple asset classes. It does not reject any values that arrive in the simulated market. The application is well tested with the following asset classes:

  • Common Stock
  • Futures
  • Options




Order Clerk

A FIX order processing testing tool that allows a quality assurance analyst or trader to test the basic features of a FIX OMS. This windows tool is easy to use and understand and does not require any knowledge of the FIX protocol.


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